“Shanti Supernant stands out among other astrologers I have worked with because of her sophisticated grasp, not only of the planets and their influences, but also of psychology and spirituality. She is a woman of integrity, intelligence, empathy, and compassion. Although she draws on a breadth and depth of knowledge that would challenge the seasoned seeker, Shanti has the rare ability to translate her knowledge into terms that someone new to Vedic astrology would readily understand.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking wise counsel, Vedic or otherwise.” – Donaleen Saul, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“Before meeting Shanti, I dabbled in different mediums to better understand my life and just for fun. After our first session I was completely sold on Vedic Astrology as a legitimate tool given her knowledge of the planets and her intuitive counseling wisdom.  Over the years the accuracy of  her readings continues to amaze me. Without fail I get a yearly birthday update and a few other sessions as well. In particular, I enjoyed the Jyotish Locality reading. With great enthusiasm do I recommend all of Shanti’s services to those wanting to augment their lives.” – Damiani Sekoulidis, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“Shanti’s work can best be described as a ray of light during a time of darkness and confusion. She is truly a blessing… Her work is approached with an astounding level of precision and professionalism; bringing deeper understanding and insight at critical junctures in one’s life. Her knowledge of Vedic astrology and its profound impact has served as a comforting guide, helping us to decipher and put in perspective events that often seem senseless and daunting.” – Bess Fotopoulous and Jake de Boer, Toronto, Ont., Canada

“During a dark period of my life I found the insights of Vedic Astrology to be a light in my tunnel that I could pull myself towards and therefore begin to align with a more expanded vision. Thank you Shanti for your mastery and gifts.” – Susan Hart, Victoria, B.C, Canada