Astrological Services

I offer a broad range of astrological services in person or by telephone.

All readings are by appointment only.

Life Reading: Natal Analysis of the Vedic Astrological Chart—$225

1½ hour interactive consultation providing an overview of the most significant past, present and future karmic patterns shown in your Vedic chart. Includes an analysis of matters related to health, finance, relationship, family, career, spirituality and life purpose. Specific questions and concerns will be addressed, and a forecast for the coming year will be given. Includes recommendations for specific astrological remedies.

Annual Update—$160

An update of the natal chart, current life events, and important astrological trends in the next twelve months. Most clients will prefer to have this consultation within a couple of weeks of the actual birthday – some may prefer to have an update every six months.

A Life Reading is a prerequisite for this type of consultation.

Relationship Compatibility—$175

An analysis and discussion of compatibility and relationship issues between two individuals in a personal or business partnership.

Locality Reading—$175

Learn not only what forces are influencing you in your present geographical location but also where to find your unique “power spots”—the locations on earth where you may best pursue your dreams, grow spiritually, manifest prosperity, improve health and create love and romance.

Family Consultation re Locality—$375

This reading is specifically designed to help you and your family find the best location to support each individual’s well being. The birth information for each member of the family is required.

Individual Questions—$150

This is useful for specific questions or issues that you would like to explore.  The questions can be related either to your natal chart or your Jyotish locality maps.

Muhurta (Auspicious Dates)—$150

Determining the best dates for marriage, starting a business, buying a home or other auspicious dates as requested.

Birth Time Rectification—$125/hr

In the event that the Birth Data can not be acquired, a Birth Time Rectification needs to be done to determine as closely as possible the correct birth time. In most cases, this can be done in one hour.

It is ESSENTIAL that I have the following information in advance of your reading:


Name of Person Receiving Consult

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YEAR)

Exact Time of Birth (Hour/Minute)

Source of Birth Time:

i.e. Birth Certificate • Hospital Record • Parent • Other Relative or Friend

Birth City, State/Province and Country

For the Relationship Compatibility Reading, the above information is also

required for the second person as well as that person’s relationship to you.


All consultations are professionally recorded on an mp3 file unless otherwise requested.

Gift Certificates are available upon request.

Please note: As of Jan 1 2018,  appointments for new clients will be booked 4-6 weeks in advance.


Astrological Services Payment Options: